1. How long have you been open? Dr. Julie Matthews opened Village Veterinary in 1996.
  2. What are your office hours? We are open from 8am-6 pm Monday thru Friday.
  3. How many Doctors are on staff? Dr. Julie Matthews, the practice owner, provides conventional medicine and surgery. Dr. Matthews also provides holistic care, including, acupuncture (CVA), chiropractic (VOM), chinese herbs, and homeopathy (CVH). For more info, see Our Team page.
  4. What pets do you treat? Village Veterinary is a small animal hospital. We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs), ferrets, and small birds.
  5. What services do you provide? We are a full service hospital, providing medical, surgical and hospitalized care. We have a full in house laboratory and high frequency digital x-ray. We provide on site ultrasound diagnosis, as well as retain a board certified surgeon for complex orthopedic surgeries. We are unique in offering a full range of holistic services. Cold laser therapy is one of our most popular services. See our Service page for a detailed list of all we offer.
  6. What if my pet needs emergency care after hours? We refer after hours emergencies to Port City in Newington, New Hampshire. Their telephone number is 603-433-0056.
  7.  Do you have a billing or payment plan? We currently do not have a payment plan. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, checks, MC/VISA, Discover, and American Express as well as Care Credit.
  8. How much will it cost for my pet to be seen? Our typical office call fee is $76.00. This includes wellness and pre surgical exams. Sick exams, second opinion and acupuncture/alternative consults are more, while rechecks are less. The exam/office visit fee includes just that. Vaccines, tests, and other procedures are additional. We will present you with a written treatment plan prior to anesthesia, surgeries, and dentistries. In addition, we are happy to provide estimates for vaccinations, lab tests, and other procedures if you desire.
  9. How do I find you? See the detail map under location.
  10. Do you have animals for adoption? We generally do not, although occasionally we will have kittens for adoption.
  11. Do you offer boarding or grooming? Due to limited space in our kennel, we do not board dogs. We will occasionally board cats needing medication or treatment, which a routine kennel could not handle. We do not have a groomer on premises. We will groom cats needing sedation or special handling, which a groomer could not provide. We also perform medicated baths and dips for skin conditions in both dogs and cats. We are happy to provide kennel and groomer recommendations for routine care.
  12. Are you currently accepting new patients? We are currently accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you and your pets.
  13. Do you carry pet foods? We carry most prescription pet foods, as well as Royal Canin and Science Diet maintenance diets. Due to limited space, we are unable to offer other brands of maintenance food.
  14. Do you have specialists available for consultation? We offer on site specialists in acupuncture (Dr. Matthews), homeopathy (Dr. Matthews), chiropractic (Dr. Matthews), surgery (Dr. Mark House), and ultrasound (Dr. Matthews).
  15. Do you offer drop off services? We are happy to offer you the option of dropping off your pet on the way to work and picking he/she up on the way home. All we ask is that you provide a telephone number where the Dr. may contact you that day regarding your pet.
  16. Are you staffed overnight? We do not provide overnight care in the hospital. If your pet needs monitoring and treatment during the night we will recommend transfer to VECC. If your pet is stable, we do offer overnight hospitalization.
  17. When can I schedule my pet for an appointment or surgery? Our Drs are available for office appointments M -F 9 am – 6 pm.. Surgeries are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and other times as needed for emergencies.
  18. What do I bring with me if I am a new client? For new puppies/kittens, please bring vaccine and de-worming records from the breeder/ shelter etc. For older pets, it is extremely helpful to have the records from your previous vet. If you wish, we can obtain the records for you once you are here. For second opinions, it is helpful to have written records from your current vet, as well as any pertinent radiographs.
  19. Can you recommend any pet sitters? There are several excellent pet sitters in the area, which we routinely recommend. In addition, several of our technicians pet sit for our clients.