Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned London physician and bacteriologist, formulated the Bach Flower Remedies in the early 1900’s. The remedies are all prepared from the flowers of wild plants, bushes, or trees. They are prescribed according to the individual’s state of mind, designed to alleviate emotional or mental distress. The remedies can be grouped into seven common use categories: fear, uncertainty, apathy, loneliness, over sensitivity, despondency or despair, and over concern for others. Each individual remedy addresses a common negative state of mind.

In prescribing the flower remedies, the individual’s personality and emotional state is evaluated. Dr. Julie Matthews prepares individualized prescriptions consisting of one to six flower essences diluted in brandy or water. Dosage is 2-4 drops taken either directly on the tongue or in a glass of water, three to four times daily. Results are often seen in 1-2 weeks. Treatment is generally given for several weeks to a couple of months. Conditions in animals that are known to respond to flower remedies include anxiety, fear, terror, and depression. The most famous remedy, the Rescue Remedy or Calming Essence, is useful for occasional situations when an animal may have unusual fear or terror. For example, car rides, trips to the veterinarian or groomer, new additions to the household, moving to a new home, or accidents.

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